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I am so sick and I can’t put a finger on whats wrong..

  • I have really bad cramps like I am about to get my period but I am on the shot and haven’t seen a period in 2 years..
  • Every time I blow my nose, there is blood.
  • Sometimes when I get phlegm in my mouth, there is blood in it (TMI sorry)
  • At night my throat hurts so badly that I am up at least every three hours drinking a cup of tea with honey just so I can go back to bed.
  • I am really tired all the time. Yesterday was the worse. I didn’t get out of bed all day, except to go get food. 12 straight hours of tv. 

I hate this. It’s interfering with my cardio now because my chest starts to tighten and I start having a problem breathing.. 

Yessss! Just got the call I’ve been waiting for!

Interview on Thursday with the Barber National Institute!
Camp Counselor for their summer camp for high functioning autism.
$10.50 an hour to help children socialize and improve their life?
I think I will take that. It’s an honor to even get called.   

I guess I looked decent last night? 
Im okay with my legs looking like this. 
Yes, my sore throat woke me up at 6:25
Yes, I’ve been watching the Fairly Odd Parents since I woke up
I’ve had enough honey in my system the past 24 hrs to keep anyone hyper
I get to go to work soon! Yay


I will feel like a douche if nobody does this, it took a lot of thinking! haha. I’ll keep checking up on the tag daily, and I will do it myself also, it’s just a bit of fun :-) Send me an ask if you’re going to be doing it, i’d love to hear from you!

this sounds so fun! :) 

Before and during. Not a lot of progress but I am getting there :)

I have nothing better to do

Guess I’ll take a progress picture


I still count my calories though. Not for dieting reasons, but because overeating is still overeating….no matter how healthy it is